Brain Implant Helps Restore Movement for Paralyzed Patient, Researchers Say

A paralyzed man used an implant in his brain and his thoughts to move his arm, marking an advance in a decadeslong effort to restore movement to people with spinal-cord injuries.

The College of Chinese Wisdom

When students arrive at college these days, they hear a familiar mantra about the purpose of higher education: Find yourself. Use these four years to discover who you are. Learn flamenco dancing or ceramics, start a composting project, write for the student newspaper or delve into 19th-century English poetry. Self-discovery, they are told, is the road to adulthood.

Machines That Will Think and Feel

Artificial intelligence is breathing down our necks: Software built by Google startled the field last week by easily defeating the world' best player of the Asian board game Go in a five-game match. Go resembles chess in the deep, complex problems it poses but is even harder to play and has resisted AI researchers longer.

Donald Trump, Celebrity Politician

Americans are divided between those wondering how Donald Trump could possibly be a leading presidential candidate and those wondering how others can wonder why.

Stem Cells Show Promise as Cataract and Blindness Treatments

The best treatment options for cataracts and corneal blindness today involve possibly risky surgical implants, but new research may point to the growing potential for less-invasive stem-cell therapies.

Mutual Funds Sour on Startup Investments

Mutual funds that heloed fuel the technology boom are cutting the value of their startup investments at an accelerating pace and are making fewer new investments.

Mamma Mia! As Starbucks Looms, Italians Warm to U.S.-Style Coffee

MILAN— Giuseppe Disponetti has hewed to the same business model since opening his cafe here in 1989. Using a tried-and-true coffee blend, he sells mostly espresso and cappuccino to regulars who toss back their drinks while standing at the bar. He hasn’t refurbished in 20 years and offers no trendy blended coffee beverages or comfy chairs.

Calculus Is So Last Century

Can you remember the last time you did calculus? Unless you are a researcher or engineer, chances are good it was in a high-school or college class you’d rather forget. For most Americans, solving a calculus problem is not a skill they need to perform well at work.

Buffett: Politicians ‘Dead Wrong’

Warren Buffett has a message for presidential candidates and others who are down on the U.S. economy: You are “dead wrong.”

In his annual letter to shareholders released Saturday, the chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. reaffirmed his confidence in the future of the country, saying that America’s “golden goose of commerce and innovation will continue to lay more and larger eggs.”

For Silicon Valley, the Hangover Begins

Not long ago, employees at Practice Fusion Inc. reveled in the technology boom, munching daily on free healthy food, enjoying “Phenomenal Friday” gatherings and racing around the office on tricycles.


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