Indians Load Up Their Smartphones

NEW DELHI—A new wave of affordable smartphones has brought hundreds of millions of Indians online for the first time, giving them access to better education, jobs and entertainment. But there is one sector that isn’t thrilled with this development: consumer-goods companies.

Google's Fiber Plans Stall

Google parent Alphabet Inc. is rethinking its high-speed internet busines

Gospel of Bitcoin Faces Test of Faith

As Bitfinex, the digital-currency exchange that suffered a hack this past week, struggles to reopen, a wider question is again being asked about bitcoin: Is it really a better mousetrap?

Meaning of My Birthday and The Philosophy of Death

I was thinking really hard about the signficance of my birthday this year.

Facebook Rides Mobile-Ad Surge

Facebook Inc.’s mobile bet has shrunk the time it takes the social network to l

Tesla’s Autopilot Vexes Some Drivers, Even Its Fans

After his Tesla Model S had driven itself for 17 straight minutes on Interstate 66 in Virginia last November, Carl Bennett, sitting in the driver’s seat, began looking at a printed document.

Steps to Turn Off the Nagging Self-Doubt in Your Head

Think of the last time you told yourself something critical or negative. Then think of the last compliment you gave yourself.

Which is easier to remember?

Bitcoin Price Hits Two-Year High

The price of the digital currency bitcoin hit a two-year high Monday, trading above $700 for the first time since 2014, after it jumped 21% over the weekend.

LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Calls Microsoft Deal a ‘Re-Founding Moment’

Microsoft Corp.’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn 

Your Em Goes to Bermuda

One of the fundamental goals of science is to predict future outcomes. Social science has lagged behind physics and chemistry in this regard, largely because human beings and our interactions unfold in complex ways, making prediction difficult.


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