You’re Not a Human, You’re a Data Point

Imagine a top corporate executive of the future. Instead of finding out what’s going on in her company by asking her subordinates, she consults a digital dashboard that tells her everything from who is at their desk to how happy they are about it.

Apple Seeks Identity for Smartwatch

Envisioned as a health monitor, it now provides data, communicates in new ways and serves as fashion accessory

The Great Internet Power Grab

We’ve come a long way from Steve Jobs as ‘phone phreak’ to Tom Wheeler as ruler of the Internet.

The Truth About Romantic Love

From Shakespeare to Lord Byron and ‘Girls,’ Our Ideals About Love Have Always Needed a Sober Reality Check

To Find Love Match, Try Love Math (Results Will Vary)

How Lonely Nerds Tailored an Interstellar Formula to Quantify the Astronomical Odds of Finding a Mate

The Middle-Class Comeback Is Under Way

In 2013, the consumer item with the fastest sales growth was private jets. Last year: used cars and trucks.

Slumdog Millionaires

A colorful range of everyday entrepreneurs disprove the notion that India is simply a ‘socialist country in which the state is the key.’

Darwin’s Finches Reveal Role of Genes in Evolution

Scientists Identify Genetic Mechanism Behind Beak Shapes

Sleuthing Search Engine: Even Better Than Google?

In the run-up to Super Bowl XLIX, a team of social workers in Glendale, Ariz. spent two weeks combing through local classified ads sites. They were looking for listings posted by sex traffickers.

Facebook Introduces Own Designs for Networking Equipment

Facebook Wants to Make Hardware Less Important, Boost the Role of Software


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