Chinese Dump Milk as Prices Fall

LINLI COUNTY, China—The Year of the Goat isn’t working out well for Pi Hui’s cows. The 53-year-old Chinese farmer has slaughtered 180 dairy cattle about 20% of his herd in recent months as a global glut of milk drove prices to six-year lows. Mr. Pi, who began in the industry as a 16-year-old milker, held out for months.

Find a Bug, Claim a Bounty

For four years, Jay Kaplan helped the National Security Agency find holes in targets’ computers so spies could take a peek. Now, he pays freelance hackers to find similar holes so his corporate customers can patch them.

Building a Robot for the Home

TOKYO—At a mobile phone store here, a white plastic robot on wheels sidles over to a visitor and tries to strike up a conversation. In a childlike voice, it proclaims that rain is on the way, oil prices are falling and the subway is on time.

Ten Billion Dollar Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

Many members of Billion Dollar Startup Club are now well-known names, including car-hailing app Uber, messaging-service SnapChat and scrap-booking site Pinterest.

‘Piggybackers’ Hitch Themselves to Airbnb, Uber

Derivative startups, pegged to others’ success, are springing up faster than ever

Raspberry Pi 2 Review: A $35 Computer Can Do a Heck of a Lot

An open-source computer that encourages you to look inside

You’re Not a Human, You’re a Data Point

Imagine a top corporate executive of the future. Instead of finding out what’s going on in her company by asking her subordinates, she consults a digital dashboard that tells her everything from who is at their desk to how happy they are about it.

Apple Seeks Identity for Smartwatch

Envisioned as a health monitor, it now provides data, communicates in new ways and serves as fashion accessory

The Great Internet Power Grab

We’ve come a long way from Steve Jobs as ‘phone phreak’ to Tom Wheeler as ruler of the Internet.

The Truth About Romantic Love

From Shakespeare to Lord Byron and ‘Girls,’ Our Ideals About Love Have Always Needed a Sober Reality Check


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