70 Years On: A Hiroshima Survivor's Tale

HIROSHIMA, Japan—Every year, Koko Tanimoto Kondo tours her hometown carrying the tiny, tattered pink tunic she wore on the day, 70 years ago, when she and her family survived the world’s first atomic bombing.

Physics for Bird Brains

There is a sense in which all of biology is quantum biology. The entangled strands of DNA, the famous double helix of the molecule of life, are held together by a quantum phenomenon known as hydrogen bonding.

Scientists See Ways to Target Alzheimer's in Proteins

Alzheimer’s disease researchers are hunting for new clues by comparing how different proteins in the brain are damaged in the same way. The work might also lead to greater understanding of other neurological disorders.

Scientists Discover An Elusive Particle

Scientists using Europe’s Large Hadron Collider atom-smashing machine have stumbled on the existence of an exotic particle known as the pentaquark, a discovery that could shed light on how everyday matter is constituted.

A Dearth Of Tech IPOs May Mask Bubble Trouble

The latest bubble chatter in the tech industry came from Fitbit, the maker of high-tech pedometers.

Why Ads Are the Best Thing Ever to Happen to the Internet

It’s axiomatic that advertising on the Internet is at best a necessary evil.

Why Gene-Editing Technology Has Scientists Excited

A new technology for “editing” defective genes has raised hopes for a future generation of medicines treating intractable diseases like cancer, cystic fibrosis and sickle-cell anemia.

Data Centers and Hidden Water Use

Silicon Valley’s appetite for data is well known. Its thirst is less understood.

When Robo-Cars crash, It’s Your Fault

The self-driving car is just around the corner—run for your life!

The Virtues of Corruption

On Feb. 1, 2006, after meeting with world leaders in London, the Afghan government signed a pledge to “expand its capacity to provide basic services to the population throughout the country.” It vowed to “recruit competent and credible professionals to public service on the basis of merit.” It also pledged to fight corruption, uphold justice and promote human rights.


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