We Survived Spreadsheets, and We’ll Survive AI

Whether truck drivers or marketing executives, all workers consider intelligence intrinsic to how they do their jobs. No wonder the rise of “artificial intelligence” is uniquely terrifying. From Stephen Hawking to Elon Musk, we are told almost daily our jobs will soon be done more cheaply by AI.

The Gene Editors Are Only Getting Started

Rewriting the code of life has never been so easy. In 2012 scientists demonstrated a new DNA-editing technique called Crispr. Five years later it is being used to cure mice with HIV and hemophilia. Geneticists are engineering pigs to make them suitable as human organ donors.

In 10 Years, Your iPhone Won’t Be a Phone Anymore

It’s 2027, and you’re walking down the street, confident you’ll arrive at your destination even though you don’t know where it is. You may not even remember why your device is telling you to go there.

Two Merged Black Holes Detected

Researchers have detected the violent merger of two black holes rippling the fabric of space and time like a bed sheet in the breeze, demonstrating how astrophysicists are using newly discovered gravitational waves to reveal forces shaping the cosmos.

Top Engineer Sparks Google-Uber War

Anthony Levandowski, the former Google engineer at the center of a battle between the tech giant and Uber Technologies Inc., was never a typical employee. And for years, Google was fine with that.

No One Behind the Wheel at Uber

‘If I told you then that we were going to get people to ride in other people’s cars, you would have said I was crazy,” recalls John Zimmer, president of Lyft, which, ahead of Uber, pioneered in offering rides in strangers’ personal cars. Mr. Zimmer was speaking of a time not so long ago: 2012.

Amazon’s Latest Market Disruption: 1.7 Million Free Bananas

SEATTLE— Amazon.com Inc. has transformed businessses including retailing, filmmaking and data storage. But no one anticipated the bananas.

How Self-Driving Cars Could End Uber

If Uber Technologies Inc. ever collapses, historians may trace its undoing not to its troubles with labour relations, intellectual property, regulatory conflicts or sexual-harassment allegations, but to technological disruption.

Companies Look to Make a Quantum Leap With New Technology

Quantum mechanics has fascinated, confounded and even alarmed scientists for nearly a century with the notion that particles can exist in two states at once and communicate with each other across vast distances. The underlying science that Albert Einstein famously called “spooky” could soon become one of modern computing’s core tenets.

Venezuela Is Starving

Once Latin America’s richest country, Venezuela can no longer feed its people, hobbled by the nationalization of farms as well as price and currency controls

By Juan Forero

YARE, Venezuela— Jean Pierre Planchart, a year old, has the drawn face of an old man and a cry that is little more than a whimper. His ribs show through his skin. He weighs just 11 pounds.


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