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Theorist MONK

Many years ago, when I was a little boy, I visited a photographer’s studio with my grandfather in our home town. Inspired by the cool artistic setup of the photographer’s studio, I had an idea to setup an experimental studio myself. The main vision of my ideal studio was to teach myself many techniques of art, science and closer studies of nature. It was a very vague idea for me at that time, and honestly I was not clear about it entirely. However I kept thinking about it and figuring out many aspects of it…  Looking back, honestly those days I lacked proper planning, guidance and importantly any capital to start working on my dream studio. 

Then one day it struck me why don’t I setup my life itself as an experimental studio? Then I thought to myself what would be the purpose of such an “idiotic” idea? I had the answer as well, to study various aspects of many situations and experience of my day to day life and my interactions with various subjects and emotionally involving with them and observe and study my subject’s emotional state as well as my own emotional state and properly record them. I want to be very secretive about my project.

To be very honest, I was not sure what I am getting into and for first few weeks I stick to the original plan then I realized, it was too much for me to handle and eventually I scrapped entire idea. Clearly I think of it now, I was very much limited as 13 years old with the level of maturity, skills and drive to undertake such ambitious project.  Few occasions, I took some courage to discuss some vague details of my ideas with few of the elders whom I trusted most. Their advice was as follows:

  1. Dear boy screw all your crazy ideas.
  2. Concentrate on your school and better study hard, so that you may able to find a job and consistent cash flow in your life. 
  3. Finally, later in your life find a life partner and have few children and you’ll be very happy.

At that moment I told to myself, oh great, thank you for your time and advice… and I continued to pretend myself as if, I am very obediently listening to them… and I promised myself,  never again I will talk with anyone about my ideas. At the end my dream project got booted, before I ever began to put down any proper goals or layout.

Over the course of time, life took me to many places and so many exciting experiences and it is still on going. 

Several years ago, I had a strange incident in my life. I was visiting my parents from New Delhi (The capital city of India). It was a long trip in a train and in those days the duration of the journey was almost 48hrs of train ride. During my travel, I met an old man in the train. He was my fellow traveler and we shared same cabin with couple of other people. During our train ride, I observed that the old man was not eating much. In fact he only drank water few times and our journey already coming to the half way mark by that time. However he looked very healthy and happy. I noticed, there was something about him and he had a personality of someone coming from an “intellectual” background. I am obviously curious about him and he talked very clearly in perfect English. But I also noticed that he wore worn out old cloths with holes in them. I thought to myself who knows maybe he is struggling financially in his old age and I felt sympathy for the old man. I was curious and I asked him… 

Sir, why are you not eating much? If you don’t mind let me buy you lunch today?

He laughed and affectionately touched my hand and told me… 

“Son I truly appreciate your offer. Thank you but I do not want anything. It has been years I have consumed any solid food. However I had the fun watch you eat and you literally make me laugh. It has been a longtime I met someone eat so well with lot of appetite. Now I see you have even more appetite for life.”

Then he said to me winking his eyes, “I am blessed by you MONK” 

Oh great, I thought to myself… What am I, a food MONK now? 

Suddenly the old man started laughing uncontrollably and harder as if he heard some hilarious joke.

Honestly I was annoyed by this but same time it was funny too… Then I asked to the old man… What is the matter sir? Did I say something funny? 

Then he said to me, laughing harder… you think you are a food MONK?  

Now I joined with old man and we both were laughing hard. However I was completely surprised and started wondering… how in the world, this old man figured out that, what I was thinking?  I finally asked him… 

Sir, could you please tell me how did you figured out what I was thinking?  

The old man looked straight into my eyes and told me… 

“Son, do not worry and your life will be very eventful”.

He further continued you should start thinking your original idea about dedicating your life to many experiences in your life and study about them. 

It was very interesting conversation I had with him. We discussed on various subjects and it was most valuable conversation I ever had. I requested to the old man, not to refer me as MONK and I told him, call me son or my name please, but I do not possess any qualities or character to be called MONK. In fact, anything opposite would be very appropriate and I winked to him.

He then told me, no MONK you are mistaken, you are a MONK and one kind of MONK. I saw you before, about 50+yrs ago and you haven’t changed much other than you have younger body now and you still have joyful and innocent smile. 

Now I was completely in shock and disbelief and even started thinking, this old man must be crazy… 

Suddenly the old man said to me, I am not crazy and he had a scolding voice and seemingly annoyed. 

I apologized to him, and told him with low voice… 

Sir I am hardly 23yr old and how can you see all my past life beyond 50+ years and honestly to me it is very hard to believe.  

The old man said to me, “I do not have to convince you about anything”. You will learn along the way. Then he maintained a long silence. I just looked at him and then looked outside the window and for the time I started appreciating the beauty of the nature I saw outside and I forgot about our conversation and I felt lot of peace in my heart and I couldn’t take my eyes off from the delightful beauty of the nature and I started feeling lot of joy and calmness in my heart then.

I think it was about 20 or 30 minute and I felt the train is moving faster.  Suddenly with some heavy metal cracking sound for about 2 minute or so, the train stopped in middle of nowhere…

As I was wondering what is happening, I looked towards the old man and I saw him looking back straight into my eyes and calmly took his old bag and left. Immediately, for some reason I felt I will never see him again and I felt like, I offended him and wanted run after him, asking forgiveness of my ignorance. However I couldn’t even move from my seat and that was that… 

In about few minutes later train started slowly moving and it picked up an unusual speed within few minutes… I never saw that old man again in my life and I even forgot about entire episode...

Then about an year or so later, I was with couple of friends in a car back in New Delhi, I think we were going to watch a movie and the car stopped a traffic light. A old begger started knocking on the door of the car and then all of a sudden, I started to remember about that eventful train ride I had with the old man before...

I suddently took my wallet from the back pocket of my jeans and grabbed 10 indian rupees handed over to the old begger in one single action. At the same time my friend took off the car as if something urgency happend. I asked to my friend, "why did you took off fast?" He told me, we are getting late for the movie and that was it...   

Even today I still wonder about that eventful incident in my life… 

Why Theorist MONK virtual home (website)?

The main objective of this website is to consolidate my personal thoughts, share my intimate self-experience and to express my freewill and share my knowledge. I felt social media such as facebook, twitter etc., are not the appropriate media or platforms to express my thoughts, my experience and my imagination to its exact form. 

Welcome to my site and thank you very much for your kind visit. I hope you enjoy what you find here. 

With kind regards,