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Meaning of My Birthday and The Philosophy of Death

I was thinking really hard about the signficance of my birthday this year.

What is the significance of my birthday anyway? Is it something that is worth it for me to celebrate or even remind me of my birth and how old am I getting? Is it worth it?

In order to find a reasonable explanation to this, first, I need to analyse my experiences so far in my life and the lessons I have learned. So let me just provide a brief summary about my life experiences.

I can only speak about myself and my experiences and I acknowledge the fact that we all have our unique experiences and challeges in our life.

Like everyone, I had a good share of ups and downs in my life. Fortunately, I was able to enjoy good times and I consider myself lucky at least to find a way to survive during my “ordeals” and try to decorate my face with a reasonably but not awkward smile (again, I feel lucky to inherit some good genes for my good looking smile). More testing times to come as long as I live, for sure, and that is a part and parcel of any kind of life on the face of this universe. So bring it on, I say, I am ready for it!

From my challenges, I am beginning to think that a solution to a problem is also packed within the problem. The trick is to look at the other angle of the problem to understand how to circumvent the problem and you will find the solution. I think it is the correct “hacking” practice or method of the problem. It is not complicated and sometimes you may even discover an unexpected opportunity.

Let me be very clear, generally speaking whatever problems or difficulty we may experiences in our life is not a bad thing. It helps us to guide, survive and thrive and most importantly help us to understand who we are.

Imagine if we do not have any problems to deal with, life will be boring and as human beings we will not advance and there won’t be any innovation to improve the quality of our lifestyle and our life will be much harder because we will not have the benefits of mordern innovations.

If we closely analyse our day-to-day life, we spend most of our valuable time working towards solving an issue one way or other. Even if you think you are wasting time doing something or not doing it at all, maybe you are doing something that you are comfortable with; however, it may not be the ideal solution to a problem or you haven’t appropriately figured out your problem(s) yet.

Correctly executing the solution is very important.

To be very honest, I am smart to find a solution for a problem; however, I am terrible at solution execution and eventually creating additional painful unwanted issues. Yes, if you do not focus on appropriate solution execution, you end up creating more pain for yourself.  

Ideally, the best practice is identifying the problem before it happens and deploying the appropriate solution in place before a problem happens in real time.  This requires disciplining yourself with a laser focused mind.

Unfortunately, I do not have the discipline or a laser focused mind. I am pretty much “screwed” up on those two most essential qualities.  

Therefore, I have one choice: Face the “damn problem” straight up and hack the “shit” out of it.


My birthday reminds me of my challenges and the way I dealt with my challenges in the past year. I believe my birthday is the annual report of my life for me to review what I did wrong and what I did right. That's it!

Then I thought about death.

Philosophy of death

Philosophy of death is very simple: If there is a birth of life, then death is certain of that life at some point.

Death follows like a shadow of a life. It is a good thing that we do not think about death very often.

The truth is that I am one more year closer to my death!

Once a wise man said, “Death is an invention because death helps to recycle a life!"

If death is an invention, how about birth, is that an invention too? No, birth is an evolution. Many things have to happen to form a life and everything is a mystery about birth. The biology of birth is easy to understand.

However, when it comes to...

  • Which soul binds with the birth of a life?

  • How the soul selection process works for a specific birth of a life?

  • Is the soul selection process debated by some higher authority?

It is a mystery.

That is why a life is very precious, especially human life, because we also have something known as “consciousness.”

  • Where does the consciousness comes from?

  • Who the fuck am I?

Only God knows. Why should I care? Or why should anybody care?

Once upon a time, a saint decided to visit his old friend without any notice. His intention was to visit his old friend and just say, hello, and get back. That's it.

Saints find entertainment just going out of their caves sometimes for several days and they find lots of funny reasons to do so.

So this saint made up a reason to set out to meet his old friend and the saint started walking from his mountain cave.

A few months later, the saint finally arrived at his old friend’s house. Unfortunately, his old friend and his family were mourning and grieving due to the loss of his beloved son. The old friend welcomed the saint to his home with tears flowing from both of his eyes and weeping uncontrollably.

The saint was saddened to see his friend’s suffering and he asked his old friend, What is going on? Why are you crying?

His old friend told him about the demise of his beloved son and that he came to visit him at the wrong time.

Upon hearing the reason for his old friend’s sadness and grieving, the saint started laughing, dancing, and hugging the family members of his old friend and jumping up and down with an abundance of joy.

This weird reaction of the saint made his old friend confused, angry, and he thought the saint was completely out of line and had gone insane.

The old friend angrily confronted the saint and started scolding him.

God damn you, I lost my only son and what are you doing by laughing and jumping and hugging my family? Are you insane? You came here to see me after all these years to insult me and my family like this?

The saint calmly replied, My dear friend, a soul does not have a birth or a death. In your son’s case, his “karmic” effects ended in this life. More so your son did a lot of good things in his life within a very short span of time and he even remembered his spiritual teaching at the very last moment of his death, which is a very rare thing to achieve and by doing so your son successfully escaped the endless cycle of birth and death.

For all these years, I have been observing meditation and discipline in that damn secluded cave without any worldly contacts or food or drink just to achieve that.  

The saint continued, Dear friend, your grieving is pointless. Instead you should celebrate and feel honored to be a father figure of a beautiful and enlightened soul. His old friend immediately fell at the feet of the saint and begged the saint to stay longer in his home and bless him and his family and provide spiritual guidance.

After very attentively listening to his friend’s request, the saint said, My dear friend, everyone is created equal. However, the quality of our actions based on our consciousness determine our destiny in this life or next. The quality and pure intention of our actions makes us more equal or less equal and God lives inside every one of us.

The saint gave his blessing to his old friend and his family and immediately started walking back to his cave.

The great Greek mathematicians and philosophers like Euclid (B.C 300) and Pythagoras (B.C 500) also believed the soul is immortal.

Euclid's discovery of there being infinitely many primes, also led him to believe that solving the mystery of infinite prime numbers might enable the key to unlock the secrets of nature.

Interesting so far. It is an interesting hypothesis that the soul is immortal. But wait, if soul is immortal and death helps to recycle a life, why can’t I recycle my life?


Death is only allowed to perform naturally when a physical body of life is completely dysfunctional; otherwise, it is considered as destruction of a beautiful creation. An act of destruction or termination of any creation is only allowed if one can recreate what he or she destroyed with better quality or exact form.


Practicing constructive and creative actions and thoughts day in and day out help us to be more equal and overcome our struggles. Practicing kindness and compassion gives us true happiness.